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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STEAM ENGINE Original Steam Engine Steam Engine In Use Before the invention of the steam engine, people depended energy from natural resources. The steam engine was obviouslyan engine powered by steam, and was effective for pumping waterout of coal mines. It was further improved upon so it could be used in steam-driven locomotives. Steam engines had a sign-ificant impact on the transportation industry and greatly increased production in factories. Though because of this, it removed jobs available for workers in factories. Steam Engine Used Today AIRPLANE Life before the invention of the airplanewas obviously hard. People had to travel in boats if they wantedto go somewhere overseas, and it would usually take from weeks to months just to get to their designated destination. After the airplane invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright, traveling overseas and in general became easier and faster. The airplane became responsible for bringing the world closer together, expanding and increasing the speed of commerce, and also changing the nature of warfare. The Wright aircraft became the basis of inspiration for future airplane designs. Original Wright Aircraft Aircraft Factory During Industrial Revolution Modern Day Airplane TELEPHONE Before the telephone, messages were sent manually, meaning on foot. Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone, or the electrical speech machine, to makecommunication from long distances easier. The creationof the telephone made communication significantlyeasier, and it paved the way for the internet. The First Telephone The Modern-Day Telephone
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