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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme Love will always prevail! With in this book the emotion of love is constantly being fought against but in the end, love winsthe battle and conquers Lena and Alex.Their love grows stronger through each chapter and every conflict thatuprises! Lena Haloway Main Character Lena is a in between looking girlas the author describes her to be.But her looks don't describe her.Lena lost her mother at a young age around 6 years old. She was told that her mom hadkilled herself from havinga disease amor deliria nervosa. With this being said, Lenastruggles with herself withthe idea of love.She knows that she willget the cure no matterwhat shes frightenedshe might end up like hermother. Lena goes for her examination that happens before she is paired.In the examination, a herd of cowsrun through and a boy appears out of no where.She assumes it's one of the Wilds/Invailds. Delirium by: Lauren Oliver She later then meets the boy.His name is Alex and has"under gone" the cure andis pure. However, later she discovers he is from the Wilds. Plot-Line She then starts to fall for Alex between the time ofher examination to hersurgery date. She struggleswith the idea of love sincethe government shows itas a bad thing. Alex takes her to the Wildsand shortly after that triphe takes her to the Crypts where she discovered her mom has been a live her entire life.Lena wants to escape andlive in the wilds. Science FictionFive Stars out of Five AR Question While laying in the shade of the over grown dead garden. Whatdoes Lena say to Alex? a.) the wild animals mightattack me.b.) are you out of yourmind?c.) I do want to go their.d.) I never want to go there!
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