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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evacuating Baltimore If you are stuck in an emergency, and you are evacuating Baltimore MD, the city is dark.Also, as you are leaving there are a lot of road signs turned off.If the issue is a weather hazard you will see people and closing and locking all of their windows and doors. Then, everyone on the Inner Harbor will be dockingtheir boats so they dont blow away. In addition, it is really crowded trying to get everyone out of the city. In conclusion, if there ever was need for an evacuation, it would be a crazy mess! By: Richie Nichols, Suzanna Wright, and Delaney Herbert A safe, effective evacuation versus a non safe, ineffective evacuation can be the difference between life and death. Pre- Planning is a must for an effective evacuation. There should also be an informative warning system. A good warning system must include the severity of the evacuation, why you are evacuating, and how much time you have to evacuate. This makes the evacuation more organized whereas an unsafe evacuation may not have a warning system or one that is unclear. Another thing that must happen for an evacuation to be safe is that once evacuated find shelter immediately unlike an unsafe evacuation where you might stay outside or in an unsafe environment. Taking shortcuts through the city to evacuate is not safe, so to stay safe during evacuating take normal routes. You should never come back into the city before it is safe. We need to avoid injuries and bad traffic during evacuations. To begin, injuries are concerning to everyone during evacuation. The problem is when traffic gets jammed, and people cant move. The storm, Hurricane, tsunami ext. will come through and take you out. In addition, We can stop this by keeping traffic moving. The Homeland Security is working on keeping traffic moving. Lastly, If you dont know what to do alerts come from everywhere. Your car, the radio, text alerts, and sirens. In conclusion I hope we can stop further injuries during evacuations. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Food Water Phone Radio First Thing on Your Packing List
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