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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Security and Human Rights Pakistan Osama Jamal Abdallah Mahdi, 32, has spent morethan two years on death row in Iraq for a crime that he didnt commit.He was brutally tortured until he falsely pleaded guilty to the crime and was then convicted. His trial was short and the trial was not looked into. The use of pilotless aircraft for surveillance and targeted killings bythe United States is one of the most controversial human rights issuesin the world, especially regarding drone activity in Pakistan. Militant groups in Libya have been held responsible for human rights violationsthat could be tried as war crimes. The fighting is between twodifferent governments by troops as well as militant groups. The largest violation of human rights by these militant groups is putting civilian lives at risk before warning heavily populated areas of an attack. Egypt Libya Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay held without a fair trial. They are often hooded and surrounded by phobias to induce stress. Many prisoners haven't evenbeen given trial. The United States is working towards closing the prison withthe help of other countries. United States Iraq Drone Use A mass trial in Egypt sentenced 638 protestors to death with a lack of fair trial for supporting Morsi in a peaceful march. Fair Trial Fair Trial and Torture Civilians at Risk Fair Trial and Tourture Death Penalty:First 5 are China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the United States
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