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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Linda Loman Motherly Devoted Linda Loman Cindy MouaMrs. McCoyPeriod 1 Maria Marez (Bless me Ultima) Daisy (Teenage Wasteland) Arthur Miller Teenage Mothers Mrs. Peters (A Jury of Her Peers) Karen Buckman (Parenthood) Caring Helen Parr (The Incredibles) Mrs. Gump (Forrest Gump) Death of a Salesman She is a mother who cares about her sons future a lot. Both Maria and Linda are softhearted and truly cares about there sons. Daisy is a caring mother who is trying to help her son to be successful in the near future. Both Daisy and Linda sons struggles in school and worries for them. Mrs. Peters is a woman who is accused of killing her husband. Mrs. Peters and Linda are both devoted to there husbands and is blind sided by there arrogant husbands who shows no appreciation towards them. His very colorful public life was painted in part by his rocky marriage to Marilyn Monroe and his unwavering refusal to cooperate with the use of Un- American Activities Committee. In today's world many girls are becoming a mother at a young age. Both teenager mothers and Linda struggles with the thought of controlling or handling there kids. With little help or no moral support from there husbands. Karen and Linda both are sweet and gentle mothers who are a devoted wife to there husbands. Also they live the life of a "Roller coasters" life. Helen and Linda both saves there family from goblins or from hurting themselves. The goblins in Deathof a Salesman is Willy when he tries to commit suicide with the rubber hose. Also, they protect there sons from doing bad things. Mrs. Gump and Linda both teaches there sons that anything is possible and is always has a posititve attitude towards there sons ideas or opinions. "But you will not be like [the Marez]... you will be a Luna, Antonio. You will be a man of the people, and perhaps a priest." "She had always told Donny he had talent, was smart, was good with his hands." "And then there was always something to do and Minnie Foster would go from her mind. But now she could come." "And then there was always something to do and Minnie Foster would go from her mind. But now she could come." I happen to like the roller coasters, okay? As far as I'm concerned, your grandmother is briliant. "Everyone's special, Dash." "You have to do the best with what God gave you." "Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed." "To have survived, she would have had to be either more cynical or even further from reality than she was. Instead, she was a poet on a street corner trying to recite to a crowd pulling at her clothes."
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