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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DEATH DISPLAYS Cemeteries contain sacred symbols as rhetorical devices providing information about the ethos of the bereaved. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE *Other symbols includepicks, shovels, leaves,vines, flowers, fruit,vegtables, hourglass,waves, and winged death'shead. Memorials are extravegantly expensive,large works of art with Egyptian, Greek,Roman, and Gothic influences. Momento Mori:Garden Romance:Lawn Cemetery: Each displaybegan in thegravescape ofanother type. THREE TYPES OF GRAVESCAPES IN U.S. GARDEN ROMANCE Lot ownershave the freedom todevelop plotsat will. MOMENTO MORI SOURCES: - Morris, Richard. "Death on Display." - The yearsoverlap Colonial Period till Early 1800's Dominate from Mid 1700's till Late 1800's Mid 1800's till Present - Modest memorials of a uniform shape and size are often broken and tilted in a neglected, weed filled gravescape. - Cemetery is at the community center shows the cultural emphasis on preparing for eternal life in death. - Inscriptions omit birthdays and focus on date of death. They often contain symbols to represent the distinction between physical and spiritual life. - Dichotomy between Body and Soul Remember Death Still being created today - Cemeteries became luxurious gardens in rural areas away from towns - Create places of serenity for the living for cathartic release. - Some places have guide books and walking tours. - Identifies and promotes individual life experiences with an emphasis on the present. NATURE - Dichotomy between Natural and Unnatural DEATH ART LAWN CEMETERY - These gravescapes return cemeteries to towns and cities but they are detached from churches and graveyards. - Memorials are flush with the ground to provide an unobstructed view of the landscape. Greater restrictions are placed on lot owners by newly created superintendants. - This style attempts to mute signs of death to show our dominance as a species and the results of epic heroism. Efficient land use Inexpensive - Life is viewed as a journey toward success through the accumulation of merit. Parklike - Dichotomy between Reason and Emotion CREATED BY: Brian Gallagher
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