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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Myself Vision of College, Dream College, Choices Biggest Accomplishments Challenges Tuition & fees-$48,280Room& board-$13,334Books & supplies-$1,500Est. personal expenses-$1,000Transportation expenses-$580Estimated total-$64,694 Courage For Fun There are things thatothers say I'm good atwhich I think is good formy future self. Making an audition with a professional agencyworking with them and making another bigger audition. There are some challenges Ihave when it comes to somethings that I need to work onfor my future self. student faculty is 9:191% graduate in 6years97% return for sophmore year Role models Some people I look up twoare two of my sistersEbony and Jessica, mymom, and Demi Lovato "When you wake up in the morningyou have two choices, go back to sleepand dream your dreams or wake upand chase them." -just girl things It is a large, 4 year, private university. It is a coed college locatedin a very large city in an urban setting. It offers bachelor's,master's and doctoral degrees. Some things I have always wanted to try istraveling around the world, getting to seenew things. Also trying and doing things I've never done. Good at For fun I like to listen tomusic and sing. I like acting, hanging with friends, movies, and going bowling. double click to change this title text! College I like to make sure I do my beston things. Good communicater.Good listener. I know how to manage/save money when needed. Making videos with acompany called SPNNwhich was put on their T.V channel when wewere done Average 1st year financial aid package-45,04454% applied for financial aid76% were judged to have need andwere offered aid98% had full needs met78% scholarships/ grants are distributed22% of loans are distrubeted sometimes managing time.Organizing so much stuffsometimes. Spending to muchtime on something I don't get,instead of coming back to it I know how to manage thesethings for when I need to getthings done. Plus my friendsare good influences when itcomes to getting things done. I look up to these peoplethey make me want to dogood things in life and encourage me to go far. 18% of applicants are admitted GPA, application essay,recommendations, and standardizedtest scores are very important.Extracurricular activities, and talent/ability is as important.73% scored 30-36 on their comp. ACT75% scored 30-36 on their english ACT61% scored 30-36 on their math ACT
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