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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who Benefits from the Pontotoc County Literacy Coalition? Nearly half of PCLC clients are Basic Literacy Students.Clients are paired with a tutor and typically meet twice a weekto work on literacy skills such as reading and writing.Each tutor/student pair is unique, so the curriculum is amendedfor the individual student depending on his or her skill level. 21% of adults in Pontotoc County do not have a High School Diploma.Students studying to take the High School Equivalency Exam have the option of having one or multiple tutors depending on their needs and knowledge in the four basic testing areas.Many students working toward High School Equivalency Diploma are hoping to secure a job or earn a promotion in a current job. Basic Literacy Students Students Studying for HIgh School Equivalency Exam Students Interested inComputer Literacy Skills English as a Second Language Learners Nearly 10% of clients at PCLC seek to improve their computer literacy skills.Adults interested in learning basic computer skills from email to Microsoft Office are able to use desktop and laptop computers in the PCLC Office. Being home to East Central University, which boasts a largeInternational Student population, Pontotoc County is a temporaryand sometimes permanent home for many international students.Around 17% of PCLC learners are learning English as a second language.These students work one of one with a tutor who is specially trainedin ESL learning habits. Additionally, some ESL students chooseto study U.S. government and citizenship material.
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