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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It varies but I can typically nail 10,000 or more a month. Preparing a book usually takes 6 months but this is time spent in cafes with paper and pen. interview Being David J Rodger typical work day preparing to write a book The shape of my day depends on whether I head out to a cafe, which is always early morning, or if I plan to spend the entire day in my study. If I go to a cafe then I'll be fleshing out new ideas, writing up rough notes and planning what objectives I need to tackle this day. I write objectives for each year, broken down into 3 month sprints; every day I review what I want to achieve and make sure they fit within the overall objectives. If I have gone to a cafe then it means I will be near Bristol harbour. This is a very beautiful place and you can walk around it, in a big loop, using bridges to cross the water in several places. The whole circuit is 3 miles long. I always walk this at least once when I am there. Sometimes I walk it three times (9 miles). This helps me think through plot problems with a story or new marketing ideas. It also means I can eat what I want because I am always burning off calories. At home, I have my Sky Bunker; a room in the converted roof at the top of the house. When I work at home I use polyphasic sleep. This means I stop and sleep 15 minutes every hour. It keeps my mind super-charged and fresh. I only really drink tea in the morning when I first wake-up. I'll drink 3 strong coffees (Americano) during the time I spend every day in cafes. At home I use a stove-top espresso maker. Interestingly I cannot drink alcohol and write. As soon as I have one drink, my brain switches off. tea or coffee? passions outside of writing Starts in Bristol, England in the near future. Some time still ahead of now.Back in 1993 when I was first planning the book I decided the area the book would start in was a place called Gas Works Lane. It had been derelict for 50 years. I envisaged it being redeveloped in a particular way. Over the past 20 years that redevelopment has actually taken place. Spooky! Dante's Fool (1999) Science fiction crime thrillerDark Cyberpunk180,000 wordsTook me 2 years to write. Iron Man Project (2005) Science fiction thriller70,000 wordsTook me 6 months to write. EDGE (2008) Science fiction technology thriller120,000 wordsTook me 1 year to write. Hardest book to write. Unlike all my other books there is no horror in this one. Pure action. Corporate warfare fought by street gangs and private armies. I learned how to snowboard so I could write this one. Many of the characters are real. Dog Eat Dog (2010) Post-apocalyptic science fiction / crime-thriller280,000 wordsTook me 1 year to write. The Black Lake (2012)Post-apocalyptic horror70,000 wordsTook me 2 months to write. Living in Flames (2012) Cyberpunk horror70,000 wordsTook me 6 months to write The Social Club (2013) Post-apocalyptic science fiction / classic detective novel. 70,000 words The first novel to be placed in the post-apocalyptic future of the other books, ten years after the event known as Yellow Dawn has happened. Also the longest novel and one of the most violent. I wrote it during the death of my mother and the months that followed. Originally written in 1997 as a screen-play it had the backing of a number of actors in London. However funding fell through. I turned it into a novel. Most of the characters are based on real people I knew or interviewed for the book. The fastest book I ever wrote. Two months! The Guardian took notice and reviewed it, described it as "Atmospheric and creepy". Has had a number of women fall in love with the main character. God Seed (1996) Science fiction thrillerDark Cyberpunk70,000 wordsTook me 6 months to write. Songs of Spheres (2012) Collection of 15 short stories spanning 15 years of writing. I'd say that writing takes up most of my time. When I'm not writing I'm usually thinking of new ideas... either sat in a cafe or walking. I switch off with friends and socialising. Traveling and photography are big items in my life. And role-playing games; Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur. Any questions? Matt Mayevsky Blog: http://davidjrodger.wordpress.comFacebook:
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