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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Video Journalist, Blogger and Cycle Trade Consultant 150 Lingmoor Riseheron HillKendal, CumbriaLA9 7NU A Little About Me : double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. 01539 731294 Objective Recent "Shoddy"Achievements 40,000 video views over the one week duration of the 2013 Tour Down Under. My aim is to build and growthe "Shoddy" video project. I will continue to approach and cover the professional cycling scene from a first person fan perspective. Hopefully bringing out a fresh and exciting angle to the sport. Showing the lighter more amusing side of theriders and scene, while still keeping it informative andengaging.I am looking for suitablepartners, sponsors and a solidplatform that can help meachieve this. Video content used on and comments werewarm and hugely encouraging Recent work has been used by several large cycling companiesand manufactures, including brandsCastelli Clothing, Sportful, Craft and online retailer Working Experiance 2002-Summer 2010, Kendal, Cumbria.Here I worked during the off season(winter months), originally I wasemployed as a sales adviser but quickly took on many other roles in the business. During this period I would also work as a blogger and have constant contact with PBK within Europe as a consultant. Winter 2010/11 Probikekit.comNew owners Encore employed me as a consultant. I had a large part in the redesign and implementation of a new and much more user friendly navigation system. I advised on purchasing, had a large input into the social media output. For the 2012 season PBK employed me to cover the main European races. What I Can Offer Engaging and informative videos, written articles and social mediacontent. I feel the right platform could benefit from the lighthearted well informed, passionate and honest perspective on the sport. First and foremost, I am an avid and fanatic road and track cycling participant and follower. With 15 years (seasons) racing, training and traveling devoted to the sport. I spent an eventful and successful 9 seasons racing in France, 2 seasonsin Belgium and the rest spent between Australia and America racing for numerous teams. Alongside this I balanced and enjoyed working in a successful online cycling business. Taking on many different roles over the years from direct customer support and sales, ranging, purchasing, website design and product design.In 2010 while in Australia I started on a pet project, interviewing and producing small videos withprofessional cyclists. After the initial interest it has now grown into a fully fledged and popular venture. CV: DAVID EVERETT AU:+61 403572608 Bicycle Super Store, Melbourne AU.On a year out I worked initially at one of the larger BSS stores in the city.After 2 months I was promoted tohead office where I helped to open then co-managed the BSS Direct Outlet until I returned to the UK in June. Nov 2011-Present
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