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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BUT... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE DATA SOURCING PROCESS? Local business entities provide their Finance & Risk related data in the so called Standard Sourcing Format using the common language for data;the locally accounted - data is validated and signed off per reporting entity 1. Data Providing 2. Data Integration The Insight & Inform (I&I) solution integrates the provided data from all local business entities as well as the common master/reference data from common groupservices. 3. Data Consuming At group level the provided datais consumed by the Finance & Risk chains. Architecture vision on an optimized data sourcing process for Finance & Risk There is one ABN AMRO standard solution for F&R data delivery by business entities to the F&R systems. F&R data sourcing will be based on a standard sourcing format that is based on one common language for F&R. All F&R source data will be supplied on event-based or daily basis depending on the F&R requirements. All F&R source data will be registered and validated to the standard F&R rules and references, integrated in one F&R data integration layer and stored in a standard F&R data storage solution in order to support all future needs for F&R data. The target scope is ABN AMRO group including (international) business entities. Want to learn more? Read the specifics in the FSA FRAAI Data Sourcing or talk to the lead Architect
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