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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Database? Managed A database is a collection of data that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed & updated. Accessed Updated Importance of Database. -Well organized database allow us to search for a certain name in the most fastest & simple way. -The name list in database can be sort faster rather thansorting manually in paper form. -We are able to produce different type of report using database according to our needs. -Database is also protected from unauthorized access. -Database is able to control data redundancy and maintains the consistency. Challenegs & Issues faced during Design & Development. -A primary key should have nothing to do with the data in the row. -Some developers like to turn everything into relationship & other developers never turn anything into relationship. -Names, while a personal choice, are the first and most important line of documentation for your application. -Stored procedures are useful but for most modern applications using themas often as in the past is overkill. -Hard deletes that will delete data permanently and irreversibly. Suggestion on how to overcome challenges & issues. -Do not use application data for primary keys-Do not use concatenations or calculations of application data for primary keys. -If the data will be shared among multiple rows and a change in one should affect all of the other rows, move it to another table. Customers of a catalog should be split off from their orders, for example.-If the data will be shared among multiple rows, but a change in one should not affect all of the other rows, keep it in the same table. -Any major changes usually mean that you write another stored procedure instead of altering the existing one, creating problems knowing which one to use. -The next time you consider writing a stored procedure, make sure it is truly justified. -The names you choose are not just to enable you to identify the purpose of an object,but to allow all future programmers, users, and so on to quickly and easily understand how a component part of your database was intended to be used, and what data it stores. -Use soft deletes instead of hard deletes.-Mark a row as inactive and retrieve it back later. References 1.Database 2.Couchbase Product Manager Dipti Borkar Real World Example of Database. Couchbase Product Manager Dipti Borkar -Session StoreA global session store, one that managesession information who visits the website.It can manage session information for each user who visit the website. -User Profile StoreAll web applications require user profilesand the ability to log in.A global user profile store is another exampleof where the key value characteristics of database come into play. -Content & Metadata StoreCompanies such as McGraw Hill need a place to store text-heavy data. Using database and particularly document databases for building custom content driven applications give the flexibility not only to store a wide variety of content but also to provide fast access to it.
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