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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dynamic Database Guidelines and Principles Dynamic vs not Dynamic Not Dynamic User Interface - Controls are there and the behavior or the pagecan be controlled 100%. Issues of finding elementswill never be there. - There is an obvious database dependency,actually without it the application will never work. - There is not dependency in the database torender the ui and if the database for some reasongoes down another mechanism can be introducedto store the transactional data in the mean time Business Rules - All business rules resides in the database andmajor complexities are introduced to the applicationstorage due to the stored procedures will always decide what to do with the application. - The business rules can be shared or movedto another entity and the load can be spreadamong servers to increase the application performance. - The Web application becomes "Dummy" - The Web applicationan acting piece ofthe puzzle. - The Web application becomes an actingpiece of the puzzle and the process isnow shared, improving performance. - with webforms every control must have an event to trigger some action, when the controls aredynamic and loops must be introduced to look for thecontrol. -The process is handled completely by the database and the web servers are miss-used. - New fields can be added directly to the DB. - When we have new fields we have to changethe UI code.
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