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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Database >> Improper Normalization1. Normalization isrelationships and how data are organized into tables.2. Not checking serverperformance to see howlocking indexes affect it.>>Hard Deletes1. Delete data irreversibly.2.Delete data permanently.>>Primary key abuse1.Assign the primary key with the data in the row.2.Using application data forprimary key. Importance of Database Suggestion on how toovercome the challenges/issues ' >> Primary key Abuse1. Don''t base the primary key value off of the data in the row.2. Application data shouldn't be usedfor primary key>>Hard Deletes1. Perform soft deletes insteadof hard deletes.2. Marking a row as inactive andretrieve it back later time. Is a collection of informationand data that is organized and it can easily accessed, manage, and uodated. >>SHORT- The name list in database can sort so quickly compared to manually sorting in a paper form.>>SECURE - It can be store in a remore facility unaffetected by devastating events and it can be password protected.>>Report - We can produce all kind of reports using database according to our needs. Challenges/issues that mayface during database systemdesign and development Real world example of database What is database ? IntroductionAn Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit.The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information.A database server is the key to solving the problems of information management. >>Oracl e FeaturesAutomatic Storage Management (ASM)-Distributes data evenly acrossdisks to eliminate hot spots and provide uniform performance-Comparable to the performance of raw devices,but much easier to manage Referenc es ions/index.html ions/index.html orce-nonprofits/ html >>Salesforc e IntroductionSalesforce was the first major CRM to offer the easyaccessibility and security of a cloud-based CRM system,and in recent years has built adedicated focus on the nonprofit sector withSalesforce1 for Nonprofits, the Power of Us Hub,and the Salesforce Foundation. FeaturesSalesforce Data Tools-A visual Salesforce Edit Table Tool for visually editing Salesforce tables in a spreadsheet format.-A Salesforce Export Tool for exporting data from Salesforcetables in various formats such as delimited files,Excel spreadsheets, HTML, XML, SQL insert statements, and text.
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