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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Description Amirah Nain 13091281Lyndon Reeve 11069181 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Established 07/08/1964 Allied health service groups Clinic by students for students Emphasis on peer learning Involved in research Services Provided Daspoort Polyclinic NGO Consultations Preventative care (screening tests, immunisations) Ante- and postnatal care Laboratory and special investigations Health education sessions Allied health service Target Group Any patientsCHW community visits Volumes Patients per annum:9670 (6th Jan - 12th Dec 2014)Students per annum: 3227 (in 2014) Plans for the Future: Training centre Interdisciplinary learning facility Expansion COPC Community involvement Student community Sponsorship for pharmacy CHW 8 CHW trained/ supervised by:- Employed health professional- Training session: once a week- Involvement of medical LCAS students Receive a stipend; no volunteer Implications: work consistency, add to financial burden Strengths Electronic system Adequate resources Multidisciplinary approach Good referral system Training centre Community involvement Challenges and Suggested Plans Limited staff: Hire new staff Limited space: Expansion Financial restraints: New partnership/ sponsorship Emergency transport: Employ partnership transportation system Shortage of medications: Stock-taking, med dispense/renewal checklist Training of personnel to use electronic system: More user-friendly electronic system double click to change this title text! Budget & funds Support from:- UP - funds (salary)- Gauteng department of health - medications and salary- AMPATH - analysis of blood specimens Current financial restraints: In need of fund-raising. Budget allocation in May. - Once allocated, requests for additional expenses Budget:, capital, operational, IT Fund raising plan: To set up:- A student community- Health house in collaboration with Daspoort;- Clinic committee Identification ofNew Patients Intervention of CHW Community screening Screening on Health day An audit Government policy Weekly meetings for analysis Annual meeting to review policies Patient feedback: complaint box, suggestions Research proposals Multidisciplinary learning Quality Maintenance: Needs: Supply (medications): Gauteng department of health Transport: Not met; limited resources
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