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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dark Chocolate The Creator of the chocolate chip cooki sold his recepie to nestle for a lifetime supply of chocolate 2007 H=N/C nutrient density score equation 2009 2010 2011 Nutritonal density score= your nutrient density depending on the food you eat. Chocolate containes Vitamins C, A,E, and D Lorem It contains Iron, and copper Dark chocolate has an Anti- Bacterial effect in your mouth that keeps your teeth from decaying. 54-59% is the Nutrtion density score of dark chocolate Ipsum Antioxetents that help reduce blood pressure and helps blood flow The Smell of chocoate redcues brain waves and creates relaxation Chocolate Chocolate made with milk contains calcium, Portien, and potassium. Dark chocolate is healthier that regualar chocolate because or reduced\sugar Reduced sugar= healthy chocolate. Dark chocolate is a super food. Super foods are foods that have almost magical qualities. They can help fight of desiese and keep you super healthy in ways you can't imagine. Black forest trifle Dark chocolate orange cake Cocolate short bread Healthy Treats!
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