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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DARK MATTER DARK MATTER The gravity of dark matter drags the universe together while dark energy tries to push it apart. 4-5% of the universe is visible matter. The rest is there, but we can't see it. Just likean iceburg. Everything you can see, including yourself makes up only 4-5% of the whole universe. The universe is big,It is continuously expanding. The force that slows the expansion of the universe is dark matter. After the big bang, the universe has continuously expanded. It is expanding right now. Dark matter is a force against the universe's expansion Dark matter can't be seen through a telescope, but humans know it exists because of it's affects on the visible matter that we can see. Dark Matter Not Dark Matter Dark Matter is all the matter in the universe that we can't see. Dark Matter Facts Dark Matter Facts - Dark matter exists within and around the Milky Way, in the form of a halo.- Dark matter makes up 85% of the matter in the universe.- The density of the dark matter in a galaxy is greatest in the center and it gradually decreases as it gets towards the outermost part.- Despite the recent improvement in astronomy, there is still a great deal of unknown about origin, properties and distribution of dark matter in the universe. When the universe was young, clumps of dark matter had attracted gas, which then formed stars that eventually assembled today's galaxies. The dark age was a period between the big bang and what the universe is now.
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