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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dark Energy Dark energy is an unknown form of energy that is the cause for the accelerating expansion of the Universe. Dark Energy takes up 72% of the Universe. This means that there is more than 14 times more dark energy in the Universe than there is ordinary matter. Dark Energy-72% Dark Matter-23% All ordinary matter-5% Dark energy acts as repulsive gravity. This means that dark energy is causing the Universe to expand at an increasing rate. In 1998, studies of distant supernovas showed that these stars looked dimmer than expected. The only explanation was that the Universe had expanded more than the scientists had accounted for. This occurred because the universe was expanding at an accelerating rate. The most accepted explanation for dark energy is that it is the, "Cost of having space."This explanation is known as the cosmological constant. This states that the dark energy can be considered vacuum energy becuase it has the energy density of a vacuum. The Cosmological Constant allows for repulsive energy throughout the Universe. Even if the % of dark energy in the Universewas to be divided by 10, there would still be 14.4 times more dark energy in the Universe than there are stars. This meansthat if all the stars in the Universe were as big as a blueberry, then the dark energy in the Universe would be the size of a tomato. Dark Energy Brendan Moore
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