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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party occurred in the Boston Harbor in late November, 1773. It happened because the colonists did not like the new tax that was passed on tea. The colonists went into the harbor, opened chests of tea, nd dumped them all into the harbor. Intolerable Acts Parliament punished the colonists for their acts of the Boston Tea Party. Their punishments were so harsh they were called intolerable. tea First Continental Congress The First Continental Congress was the meeting of the delegates from 12 colonies. Georgia didn't send delegates. The meeting took place in Philadelphia. Lexington and Concord The Battle of Lexington and Concord was when Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. The colonists were outnumbered and were pushed back to Concord where there was more minutemen. They shot at the British and forced them to retreat. Olive Branch Petition The Olive Branch Petition was sent by the delegates to King George. The delegates asked him to repeal the Intolerable Acts. olive branch Fort Ticonderoga A group of Vermonters planned a surprise attack on Fort Ticonderoga. British was surprised and was forced to surrender. The Americans got cannons and gunpowderby earning the fort from the British. Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Bunker Hill was the first major battle of the Revolution. The Americans were outnumbered again but fired at the British and forced them to retreat. This battle showed the Americans fought bravely and that the British were going to be hard to defeat. Common Sense Common Sense was an essay by Thomas Paine that urged colonies to declare independence. Common Sense sold a lot of colonists about independence. Declaration of Independence The Declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson. It was adopted by the delegates on July 4, 1776. The essay was about natural rights, the British wrongs, and the Americans independence.
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