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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fuedal Europe Political King Lord Knights Serfs No centralized government King was the ruler Vassels or Lords were the wealthy landowners such as nobles and bishopsKnights were mounted horsemen who pledged to defend their lords lands in exchange for fiefs Serfs were people who could not leave the place they were born. Though bond to the land, serfs were not slaves. Their lords could not buy or sell them. Their labor belonged to the lord.Chivalry must defend 3 masters Feudal lord GodChosen Lady Economic Agricultural achievements such as the heavy plow and three-field crop rotation made farming more productive and quickA greater food supply increased the population More and more people moved to the cities and towns King granted large pieces of land called fiefs to lords Peasants known as serfs did most of the work on the fiefsThey planted and harvested crops and gave most of the crops to the landownersIn exchange for their labor, the serfs were allowed to live on the landThe serfs were also promised protection in case of enemy invasion Social Lords gave land to knights in exchange for military serviceWealth from the fiefs allowed knights to devote their lives to warCode of Chivalry- expected to display loyalty, bravery, and be courteous to their lordsThe knights had to protect the weak and poorSerfs were guaranteed food, water , and protection if they worked for lordsSerfs in return tended the Lords lands, cared for his animals, and maintained their estates
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