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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The American Political Landscape Facts - By Dana Emo Gender Family Structure Wealth and Income Education Age Reinforcing Cleavages Cross-cutting Cleavages Political Socialization Geography of the US vs Politics Diverse and proud but close minded country? double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -Women more likelyto vote for equal rights because they have not attained them. -Still get 77 cents to a man's dollar - People marry at a later age now vs in the past.-Divorce rate is up to 50% -Rich people that workedfor many will work tokeep that. Not as open to giving taxes to those they believehaven't worked for it.-Poor are more likely tosupport equality. Younger people votedifferently than olderpeople because olderpeople have moretraditional views whileyounger have more modernviews. -How we are taught can decide how we think of politics.Public schools vs. private schools have differentviews sometimes. -US is a "melting pot". Unity in a land of diversity. USis one of the mostunited countries.-Minorities, for much of ourhistory, have been excludedfrom the participation ofpolitics.-Today, every ethnicity hasvoting rights, but racism stillexists. -Divisions within society that reinforce one another,making groups more homogeneous or similar.Ex:In Italy- North is socialist and communist, while South is conservativeand catholic -Divisions within a societythat cut across demographiccategories to produce groupsthat are more heterogeneous or different.Ex: Poor and rich in samereligion -Process- most notably in families and schools- by which we developour political attitudes,values, and beliefs.-Statistically, if parents are mostly democrat, their kids will be too. Same goes for republican. -Western frontier providedroom to grow and avoidsocial and politicaltensions that Europe had.-Atlantic ocean was a barrierto foreign meddling.
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