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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mystery of Dan Cooper Dan Cooper, know D.B. Cooperby the media, hijacked a Boeing 727aircraft between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington the day beforeThanksgiving in 1971. What Happended? Dan Cooper boarded an airplanein Portland bound for Seattle. Duringthe flight, he showed the stewardess anote claiming he had a bomb in his brief case. Dan Cooper then demanded$200,000, 4 parachutes, and food forthe crew. Dan jumped off the plane, leaving 2 parachutes behind, and was never found again. Nine years later, a boy namedBrian Ingram was digging in afire pit by the Columbia Riverwhen he found 3 bundles ofcash that belonged to DanCooper's ransom money.Cooper evaded one of themost expensive and extensiveAmerican Manhunts. There havebeen more than 100 suspects. Other Facts ~ Cooper may have died from the jump and his skeleton is at the bottomof the river.~ The Columbia River money wasburied by Cooper to throw off the FBI.~ The FBI may have traced the flightpath wrong. ~ The bundles of cash found had fellfrom Cooper's as he descended.~ Cooper may have had an accomplice who was completely loyal. ~ Cooper was a man named Paul LeClair who died of a heart-attack in the 1970's. Theories More Theories I believe that Dan Cooper survived the jump, and hid the Tena Bar money to throwoff the FBI. After his hijacking,I think he would be smart enough to hide out of the public eye. I do not believe thatany of the suspects they have are the real Dan Cooper. My Theory
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