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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Damage of Tornadoes Over the Years in Wisconsin What to do In Case of Tornado Average Years With Least Tornadoes Year With Most Tornadoes 1. 2. Grab a radio or be near a television set and watch the weather channel with updates if you need to takeshelter. In 2013, in Wisconsin, there have been 10 documented tornadoes with no deaths and only 10 injuries. Since 1844, there have been 1515 documented tornadoes in Wisconsin causing 511 deaths and at least 3051 related injuries. From 1982 to 2008 the duration of a tornado in Wisconsin is about7.1 minutes while traveling 3.7 miles and also having a width of118 yards. Go to a place in your house where there are no windows and a place where you can hide from possible debris flying in the house. Most Costly Tornadoes:In 1996 a F5 tornado ripped through Oakfield, Wisconsin, injuring 12 and killing nobody, whilealso racking up $40.4 million in damages. Barneveld, Wisconsin, this F5 killed 9 and injured 200 in 1984 while costing the city over $40 million. Worst Tornado:On June 12, 1898, in the town of New Richmond a tornado ripped through town killing 117, injuring 125, and destroying 300 buildings. The Ricter Scale was not invented by that time but what we know is that this tornado was very deadly. 2005:62 22 1952:1 REMEMBER! Tornadoes are very dangerous things and can cause massive destruction. Tornadoes are nothing the play around with.
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