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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hunger in Comparsion to India North America Hunger is EveryWhere it is an individual access to food that is nutritious and is enough for the body.(Help Hunger End) Just as hunger knows no age, neither does fighting it(No Kid Hungry) India Hunger, or under nutrition, results from the insufficient intake of macro- and micro-nutrients. It can lead to chronic malnutrition or the severe wasting associated with acute malnutrition. (Action Against Hunger) In 2014, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, there were 805 million hungry people in the world--one in every nine people. There are 16 countries in the U.S. with 100,000+ Food-Insecure kids.(Hunger in America) In 2010, 69% of Indians live on 2$ or less a day, and 33% of Indians live on 1.25 a day.(Where We Work) An estimated Sixty percent of those are women or girls. (Why Hunger) In my state of South Carolina 1 in 6 people face hunger.(Feeding America) Even though India is considered a economic powerhouse there is still malnutrition everywhere and is often in plain sight.(Action Against Hunger) The country is called home by a quarter of people who are all undernourished people.(World Food Programme) 47 million Americans rely on SNAP (Supplemental Assistance Program, formerly food stamps) to meet their food needs. For 6 million people, SNAP is their only source of income. (Why Hunger) * Hunger can cause kids to have trouble paying attention in school and creating a poverty cycle.(No Kid Hungry) *These situations are the result of high profile crises like war or natural disasters, which starve a population of food. Yet emergencies account for less than eight percent of hunger's victims.(World Food Programme) By purchasing the participating partners with ConAgra Foods and entering the code you can donate a meal to someone who needs is. (Hunger Ends Here) * Many individuals acquire health issues from only being able to by bad foods and can make them miss work and not eat.(Feeding America) To what extent is this problem Causes of hunger in these regions * Under nutrition in India is has many reasons: widespread poverty, endemic hunger, rapid population growth, pockets of weak governance, poor health systems and unreliable national indicators, All of which are compounded by issues of caste, ethnicity, religion and gender. (Action Against Hunger) Resolution Women Men By teaching people and giving people the knowledge and tools to be able to provide for themselves.(World Food Programme)
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