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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Best colors for spring: Black and White Pastels were an overwhelmingly popular color palette for spring, with 50 of 70 people surveyedsaying they're most excited to wear lilac, mint, peach and otherpastel colors this season. Top 4 favorite spring designers: 2. Favorite spring trends: Ralph Lauren: Spring Fashion Spring has finally arrived in Boston - Commonwealth Couture asked Boston fashionistas which trends and designers theyare most excited about for this upcoming spring/summer season. Results are based on 70 responses. Commonwealth Only 15 of the 70 people surveyedare most excited for spring to wearbold colors, like fuchsia,orange and cobalt. 42% 15% Leather Cutouts 20% Stripes 23% 1. 20% Michael Kors: Lily Pulitzer: Marc Jacobs: 20% 8% 6% 2 1 Dallas ISD Superintendent:Mike Miles News Story in District: Dr. Rosenid Hernandez - Badia is librarian of the year. Two board members: Miguel Solis, Elizabeth. NAME: Sam Tasby Adress: 7001 Fair Oaks Ave.Dallas, TX 75231 NAME: Lee A. MCSHAN Jr. Elementry School Adress: 8307 Meadow Rd. Dallas, TX 75231 NAME: Brayan Adams High School Name: Emmet j. Conrad High School Adress: 7502 Fair Oaks Ave Dallas,TX 75231 double click to change this header text! Adress: 2101 Milamar Dr. Dallas,TX 7528 District Core Belifs: Our main purpose is to improve students acadmic achievment .
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