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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Daily Life in Ancient Greece -Food Food was like a barrier between gods, people,and animals. It was thought that the gods didnot eat. But people needed to, they only ate cooked food, asa sign of civilization, sotheir animals ate raw food.They had two main meals, Ariston and Deipnon. The meat they ate was always freshly hunted and always sacrificed to the gods. They thought of the god Dionysus as being in their wine, and goddess Persephone in their bread. The Greeks had a very healthy diet, besides meat they normally ate many vegetables, like peas and beans. And fruits, like apples and figs, they also enjoyed almonds and cheese when they could get it. And they most likely did not have chickens or eggs. double click to change this title text! -Clothing The people normally wore alarge piece of linen or wool. Unless you were a baby, then, if you wore anything at all, it would be a large linen diaper. *Styles Men simply wore a tunic like t-shirt, thatwas the length of a skirt. Children wore their linen piece like shorts. And women would wrap a large piece around themselves in different fashions and pin it together. -Houses Houses were often accompanied by a Peristyle, a large court yard surrounded by a covered walkway and columns. They were also covered by a ceiling, which made them nice for sitting outside, in the shade to do daily work and chores, people often sat and played with children and relaxed. When their economy started to fall they started adding a room for men to drink in. They also thought it was very honorable to a have a separate room for their wives. -Slaves Most slaves in AncientGreece were born free and sold into slavery, by their parents who were too poor to take care of them. Very few slaves were actually born into slavery, only about one third of Ancient Greece were slaves. -Schools Schools in ancient Greece were not very big, and did not have very many attendees. Because very few people could afford to go to school, and it was a bit irrelevant n that day and age, also only boys were actually allowed to go to schools. In ancient Greece, girls had arranged marriages when they were about 12 to 16 years old. They often did not meet the person until thee wedding night. There was no ceremony, but a party were the dowery was paid and and a feast was held. -Marriage -Olive Trees Olive trees were very important to the Greeks, because that was the only sufficient fat source for them, they were also a symbol of civilization for them. Because it takes about 20 years to grow an olive tree before it starts to grow olives, so parents would plant them or their children so they could have a propitious olive tree when they grew up. When they go the olives they usually turned them into olive oil so they would keep for longer. -Olympics The Greeks loved to play games and sports, and they had many sporting events, the most famous being the Olympics. Only men were allowed to participate, they played for prices and favor of the gods, it also helped them train for the army.
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