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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Peyton Martin graphic designer Chamber 5 is called "Fallacies of Argument" and speaks of the different types of fallacies writers use to help pursuad the audience. A fallacy is faulty reasoning, a misleading and unsound argument that usually isn't valid. The different types of fallacies discussed in the chapter are Fallacies of Emotional Argument, Ethical Argument, and Logical Argument Summary 4569 ipsum Street, City 555987 1 234 567 890 Ad Hominem Arguments- attacks character of person rather than their claims Stacking the deck- when writers only show one side of the story Ethical continued... Emotional Argument Makes it easier to imagine something bad happening to appreciate its rarity Well-intentioned strategies to get something accomplished Says today's tiny misstep could turn into tomorrow's disaster Use tender emotions to distract them from facts Urge people to follow the same path or trend that everyone else is following Politicians Advertisers Public figures Parents Teachers Often highly personal Children use on parents Scare tactics Either-or-choic es Slippery slope Overly sentimental appeals Bandwagon Appeals Ethical Argument False Authoring- offer themselves as warrant for believing a claim Dogmatism- says that their position is the only concievably possibly one 71% 55% 42% 86% Languages Etiam venenatis Aliquam finibus Cras dui Ultrices purus
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