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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Immigrants Looking for a Better Future. All Immigrants came to The United States to have a Good Future for their Families. Many people left of their countries to scape the people who have threatened them. Most of Immigrants come to the United States, in the years 1880-1920. The major reasons for all Immigrants to move to the United States was, have Economic Opportunities, Religious Freedom, and Russians came to scape persecution. Immigrants took jobs related to agriculture, and mining was replaced by factory work. All Europeans Immigrants had to go to a place called Ellis Island. At Ellis Island, Immigrants were inspected before they were allowed into the United States. Others Immigrants primarily Asians Entered through Angel Island on the West Coast. My experience in the US is ..I came to United States legally, I did not have to cross the desert like many had to do. but unfortunately not many people have the same opportunity to come legally to United States. The hardest part was when I had to leave my family, leave everything around me such as my family, my friends, my memories, andespecially my traditions and my country. The secondhardest part was when I got here to united states ... ;because this country was new to me and to my family. It was hard to get to this country without knowing any English, not knowing anyone, but especially it was hard for me, because I had to learn a new language, meet new people, and live in a new country.
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