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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Question Two- Social NetworksA. I only belong to one social network.B.I have multiple social media accounts which are kept up to date.C. I'm not sure how many accounts I have much less if they're are up to date. Question Three - Privacy SettingsA. Not only do I constantly check my settings but I set them to the highest level.B. I'm too lazy to change default privacy settings on personal profiles.C. I do my best to stay on top of the constantly changes. Question Four- Online IdentityA. My online identity is nonexistent or fictitious. Who knows who's looking?B. I let my online identity reflect my complete persona. Who cares who sees?C.. I groom my online identity to show the world my talents. Who knows what opportunities might arise? Question Five- Online ConnectionsA.I don't use the internet to connect with others, I prefer face to face. B. I have used social media to manipulate or cyberbully others.C. I use social media to connect with friends and family in a respectful manner. 5 - 8 PointsCongratulations! You're a Digital Guru. With the right mix of social and technical know how, you're on the right track for digital literacy. 9 -12 PointsUh oh, looks like you have a while to go before you can call yourself a Guru.Mindful internet use is key to improvement. 13- 15 PointsAre you a digital spy?Not many remain off the grid but, you tryyour best to disconnect.Give an online community a try, the waters fine. Question One- Wireless Safety A. I don't own a cell phone with data or wi-fi.B. I keep my cell phones wi-fi on auto connect.C.I only use data or https:// to check my personal account. Answer Key A = 3 Points, B = 2 Points, C = 1 Point Want to learn more about how to protect, connect and work online? Become a Digital Guru and visit A quiz about online idenity and digital literacy. Are you a Digital Guru?
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