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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dear FASS, thanks for your active participation in the Feedback Project 2014/2015! Here are some of the data we have collated. Do look out for new updates from us as we continue to address the issues raised in the surveys that you have filled up! As the semester just came to an end, we will be addressing issues relevant to Module Feedback and Concerns in Areas of Studies! DEAN'S OFFICE: Comparing CAP is still the most transparentmethod for SEP. However, when deliberating between students with similar CAPs (4.63 vs. 4.65), other measures are considered. Students can still apply in Year 1 Sem 2 without a CAP. Deans Office will consider other criteria, such as written statements, University Admission Scores, and CCAs. FASS CLUB: FASS Club traditionally conducts Bidding Clinics for incoming freshmen to clear up any misconceptions. Current freshmen are advised to consult your seniors, or visit to find out more. FASS CLUB: We encourage you to raise these concerns through the Online Student Feedback on Teaching Exercise (end of each Sem: check your emails for the link). DEAN'S OFFICE: This would be very sensitive and difficult to implement, since modules offered have different natures and may lead to unequal comparisons between contents and/or lecturers. Do visit for student reviews and write in your own too! DEAN'S OFFICE: FASS has already secured sufficient class spaces and tutors for all compulsory Lvl 4000 modules. FASS will also try to expand the range/class sizes of Lvl 4000 electives. FASS CLUB: A Social Science degree requires students to be competent across disciplines, hence students are scored in FASS modules beyond their own major. FASS CLUB: Some departments do not release past year papers as they do not want their students to be fixated on specific exam questions and rote learning. FASS CLUB: There are already many such classes offered by CELC ( or Freshman Seminars ( to help hone the writing skills of incoming students. This is the end of the updates for the week For enquiries on the details mentioned above, please email Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the issues that are important to YOU! ISSUE 1: Criteria for choosing SEP is too academic based. ISSUE 2: Freshmen are confused about modular system ISSUE 3: Students have raised certain issues with regards to their lecturers teaching methods and syllabus. ISSUE 4: Releasing Feedback on Professors and Modules:Students feedback on lecturers/modules should be made public so students can choose modules that fit their interests and needs. ISSUE 5: Honours Reclassification and Lvl 4000 Modules:There are insufficient level 4000 modules for the Honours students to take, especially with more students set to take this path. ISSUE 6: Why is the S/U option not available for FASS non-major modules? ISSUE 7: Not all modules have past year papers to refer to, and some do not have answers; need more of such papers to better prepare for exams. ISSUE 8: More essay writing classes because not all students are well-equipped to do so when they enter FASS. Your main academic concerns addressed!
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