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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your Views At A Glance! Dear FASS, thanks for your active participation in the Feedback Project 2014/2015! Here are some of the data we have collated. Do look out for new updates from us as we continue to address the issues raised in the surveys that you have filled up! As the semester just came to an end, we will be addressing issues relevant to Module Feedback and Concerns in Areas of Studies! YES86.2%671 NO13.8%107 Qns 7a. If general summary feedback were provided for each module after release of results, would you like to receive a copy?(Respondents could only choose a SINGLE response) This is the end of the updates for the week For enquiries on the details mentioned above, please email Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the issues that are important to YOU! ISSUE 1:Students want to understand mistakes so as to improve, and to get an idea of the performance of the cohort. DEAN'S OFFICE: Module Feedback from Professors to Students Currently, there are works in the pipeline to push for most (if not all) FASS modules to provide post-finals review summary over IVLE. ISSUE 2: Information is too general and cant help individuals enough. DEAN'S OFFICE: Some lecturers provide individualised feedback students if class size is small enough. Lecturers teaching larger classes have been encouraged to provide general feedback to students on their performance in final examinations over IVLE.
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