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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 D. Pedro I's History Father: D. João VI Mother: Carlota Joaquina -Gluttonous-Lavish-Naive-Patient person -Greedy-Arrogant-Stubborn-Narrow-minded Maria Leopoldina Amélia Augusta Researchers believe thathe had, at least, 13children officially. With his first wife, Maria Leopoldina, he had seven children. In his second marrigdehe had a daughter,with Amélia Augusta. Parents He had a great childhood. Hegrew up withou racial or socialprejudices.Instead, his parents or his tuttorsnever got transformed him into a princip.He acquired his mother's personality. Some authors describehim as braggart, moody,corrupt, wanton and rude.A strong characteristic ofhis personallity waswomanizer. He also had five kidswith his loverDomitíla de Santosand one with her sister!!! He was born in Queluz, Portugal, in 1798. He passed away on September, 24th, 1834, with 35 yo. In Brazil, D. João VI createdthe conditions tomanage the country, whileD. Pedro I tried to find a girland Carlota Joaquina tried to find a man.D. João VI ordered theconstruction of Bank of Brazil,Brazilian Mint and the army. Let's create a nation! D. João VI planned to escapefrom Napoleão coming toBrazil with his Family andmore 1,500 people's court andpoliticians. They left Portugalsuddenly, provoking the angerof the population, because theyfelt alone to face the enemy. Due to uprisings in Portugaland the portugueses politicianspressuring the king, D. João VIcame back to Lisboa. however,he was smart and delivered thethrone for his son, D. Pedro I, in 1821. The portuguese parlament was determinatedin fighting with D. João VI and D. Pedro I.Assuming the possibility to lose the Throneand the power, D. Pedro I poclaimed the Independence in september 7th, 1822. I don'thave a goodfeeling aboutit.... When D. Pedro I's father died,he received the throne of Portugal.However, he abdicated it, in1826, in favor of his daughter, PrincessMaria II.Carlota Joaquina and her son D. Miguel, jointed forces to remove Maria II from the throne.Maria II was arrested by Carlota and D. Miguel who took the power. Princess Maria II Carlota Joaquina and D. Miguelwere accused to kill D. João VI poisoned. In 1831, D. Pedro I abdicated ofthe Brazilian throne as well.He planned to solve the Civil Warestablished in Portugal by hisown brother, D. Miguel, reputtinghis daughter on the throne. Kingdom of Portugal Brazilian Empire D. Pedro I's boat. Defeating his brother, he put his daghter Mariaon the throne and passed away in 1834.The diagnosis of the reason of the deathwas tuberculosis. by Prof. André V.
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