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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Discovering Personal Genius Stage 1 Stage 3 AFFORDABLE PRICING 50 100 200 500 1000+ Priced per person per hour // 4 hour minimum Full open bar with staff, supplies, and licenses. Call today to find out your base price ($11-$15) -$3 -$2 -$1 BASEPRICE -$4 DPG averages 30 hours (range of20 to 50 hours) over 6 to 8 weeks, with an experienced Team Intake, Introduce employment concepts & Discovery, Develop initial Team Stage 2 Initial Home & Neighborhood visit, Draft DPG Timeline, Schedule initial Discovery Activities, Benefits/Financial Review Formalize Plan, Conduct Activities, Expand Team, Interview Others, Identify Emerging Themes, Skills & Tasks, Initial Info Interviews to clarify Vocational Themes, Refer to VR &/or Workforce if not already Stage 4 Identify thru Action: Skills, Tasks, Talents, Motivations, Significant people & places; Info Interviews to verify Themes, identify Ecological Fitment & Conditions of Employment,examine Unmet Employer Needs, Investigate Paid Work Experiences Stage 5 Complete Work Experiences, Internships, Info Interviews, Skills/Tasks Activities, Compile images for Digital Resume, Complete Discovery Staging Record, Show Evidence for 3 Vocational Themes, Refer for Job Development... Develop the List of 20 businesses per theme throughout the process, Leverage Team/Family Social & Economic Capital, Avoid Comparative Approaches, Develop a Career Path, Focus on Artisanal, Avoid Retail DPG Process Steps
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