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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website OXYSEPT DO'S AND DON'TS of Oxysept Firefox Disinfecting, neutralizing and storing solution for daily and extended wear soft contact lenses Chrome Clean, rinse and disinfect your contact lenses with fresh solution each time you remove them. Always refill your lens case with new solution instead of adding more into the lens case. Keep the solution bottle closed when not in use and use it before the expiry date. After use, always empty and rinse the lens case with fresh solution and air dry it. Replace your contact lens case after one to three months of use. Do not let the tip of solution bottles touch other surfaces including your fingers, eyes or contact lenses. Do not try to use less or reuse solution. Remember these 5 simple steps 1. Place lenses in the baskets of the lens holder. 2. Fill the lens cup with OXYSEPT hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solution till the line indicated. 3. Drop one neutralizing tablet into the solution and tighten the lid. Gently invert the cup 3 consecutive times to wet the upper surface of the cup. 5. Take the lenses out and pour the solution away. Rinse both lens with a bit of saline and they are ready to be worn again. 4. Allow the lenses to be soaked for a minimum of 6 hours overnight. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! 6 hours! Do not mix the solution with bottled or distilled water. Do not use tablets that appear to be broken or chipped.
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