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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HUMANISM Importance of people's thoughts and ideas, their values, abilities, and individual worth.People began to believe that life on Earth had value,And they began to believe that not everything was based on God. So they started doing things differently. RELIGION Before, the people used to base their whole lives on God; they would pay taxes to the church and go there every single day and believed everything the church said.After the Black Death they started basing their facts from their knowledge of science.This is important because itchanged the ways people thought and inventions such as the thermometer were made. SOCIAL MOBILITY Before the Renaissance, if you were a Serf or a noble, you and anyone born into your family stayed a Serf or noble for their entire lives. You couldn't move up or down in the feudal structure. Why it's important that this feudalstructure changed is that nowyou can choose different career paths than your parents did. double click to change this header text! EDUCATION Before the Middle Ages, eveneducation was controlled bythe church. They taught how to prepare for Life after Deathand told everyone how to livetheir lifestyles. But when education became more valued during the Renaissance, the churchlost power over the education systemand schools were built where the students were taught to be complete human beings. ART Art in the Middle Ageshad things in them thatwere related to God, such asAngels. But during theRenaissance the art stylechanged and mainly showedthe joy in human beautyand life's pleasures. SCIENCE European scholars began tosee the world differently.They started to value reason and evidence over faith and beliefs. Instead of agreeingwith something spiritual,they experimented to find out. Which broughtinventions such as the telescope. TECHNOLOGY An example of the advancementof technology during the Renaissance is the printing press.Before this, scholars and scribesused to write books and scrollsby hand, which was very costlyand took lots of time.
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