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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TV's playing up again. Do you complain to CS or sit tight? (it'll sort itself out) Could try harder. Yes! Do you actively try to get the best deal when it comes to broadband, TV and mobile services, or could you try harder? Sit tight! Do you partake in small talk and pleas-antries when talking to CS? Of course! Sometimes. Not really. Complain. Have you ever played two companies off against each other with the aim of gettinga good deal? Yes. (lol) Do you always know where your receipts and general importantdetails and passwords are? Nah. Erm... ARE YOU MORE 'DOG' OR 'CAT'WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE? Do you tend to get angry when speak-ing to customer services? Always! Have you ever wrote a strongly-worded letter/email to a company? Would your friends say you give up easily? Yeah, justin case. No, should I? Probably. No. Once ortwice. Not at all. Meant in the nicest possible way - you are a dog. Loyal and obedient until the very end, no matter what you get put through. These are great qualities to have, but some-times you need to put your foot down and let companies know they can't walk all over you. It seems you have a bit of bothin you. You're a cat-dog! You are loyal to a point, but you also won't let companies treat you badly. You make the most of opp-ortunities,but don't go looking for them, probably because it seems too much like hard work. You are so feline, which makes you a nightmare for companies. You know what you want and you won't give up until you get it. Never one to miss an opportunity to get the best deal, and an ex-pert in master-manipulation. Hats off to you for being 100% cat! No. Created by Customer Service Guru 2015 No, butI've thoughtabout it. Do you keep a recordof the dates and timesyou call CS? Aswell as the name of the person you spoke to?
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