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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How can YOU be a great Digital Citizen? Make sure you remember these tips!: 54% of teens frequently have private conversations with online strangers through instant messaging.-BISD 16% of teens discovered that someone online was an adult pretending to be much younger.-BISD Only 6% of teens on social networking sites use privacy controls on their profiles.-BISD 1. Cyber Bullying: Anyone can be a cyber bully, behind that screen, they feel power and control over people they would not be comfortable telling hurtful things to their face.2. Identity Theft: People that our able to find out information about you by communicating with bribing methods and making them look trusting then slowly gather your private information. These people can also gain access to your passwords and find out more advanced information like credit cards pins and house numbers.3. Damaging Software: Software that can be downloaded through programs that look promising, but really aren't. A lot of times these viruses can give access to photos and other information.4. Ads/Popup Scams: YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE! Click here. This is a basic example of a Popup ad. Clicking on them can create virus's that can potentially harm your computer.5. Predators: People that look through your public social media accounts to gather enough information and communicate with you. They usually want to meet you in person, sometimes ask for photos, then make the information public to embarrass or hurt you. - Always use a alphanumeric password, and change the password every six months.- Make sure you turn on privacy settings for social media, and ask yourself if what you post is appropriate.-Don't give out personal information, and if you plan to meet someone from online go with an adult or trusted person.- Recognize harmful content on the internet and report the post immediately. Also, if you have been cyber bullied multiple times, tell a trusted friend or adult to take further actions and stop the behaviour. Digital Citizenship is an online term used to describe someone who makes respectful and responsible decisions on the Internet and in Social Media. By following these basic tips, and recognizing the dangers on the Internet will help you in becoming a great Digital Citizen! Cyber Bullying Popup Ads or Scams Online Identity Theft
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