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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Field lets eLCS know a customer is interested in a potential Direct Link communication Collaborate Analyze customer needsAnalyze needs of field Look for resources Customer call:discuss process :send questionnaire to Digital Ops for Scitent:follow up through Basecamp make sure package received:contract questions and contract to appropriate stakeholders Provide customer with requested resourcesSearch SharePoint for fulfillment of needs--> If nothing exists, repurpose or create new tool Request approvals as needed from Marketing and Digital Ops--> Review reports, request feedback from field for additional data thus enabling trust and confidence in ability to deliver to customers convey any concerns to appropriate stakeholders Continue to update field on progress of Direct Link Follow up'sDid Scitent set appropriate people up with Basecamp?Were packages sent? Did customer log into Basecamp?Did customer load packages? Did customer contact Scitent and did Scitent respond?Was testing successful?Were final packages sent? 1. Knowledge sharing 2. Scitent 3. Contract Marketing to deliver, share knowledge Schedule date & renew contract Account Managers choose level of involvement with discussions Direct Links Continuously evolve:To meet needs of customer and fieldTo meet changing known factsTo meet needs of ECC and AHA a group project by the internet explorers team for net205 curtin university 2012 4. Follow up Digital Ops Customer-centric Simplify Clarify & & & double click to change this title text! "Live" define and re-define process, verify process followed Develop tools: PowerPoints FAQ's Talking Points New Customer info sheetROI calculatorOnline Click-Through ask for feedback from all stakeholders Contract received Send to Tim for execution Upload to Dolphin Collect A/P informationNew customer form in SharePointRemind customer purchase optionsPlace pre-purchase order w/Digital Ops & Finance Verify customer billedVerify customer using content If not ->Why Legal: Review Red-Lines;Attorney Calls;Clarify Operational items to legal, customer, and AM;Upload to Dolphin;Update Templates w/product and operational changes send to legal for review Coordinate follow up's with Digital Ops, OnlineAHA Support, Finance Scitent invoices to E1
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