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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Not detailed enough Becomes routine task for team In some cases still needs individual talk after THC Not time-consuming Regular Direct communication channel Reveals gaps and weak points DIP - Justification of it's values, beating possible arguments Some employees are not open to the client due to the risk of saying too much and being under the risk of losing the job afterwards. DI is the most efficient tool that allows us to analyse existing situationwithin your team, mitigate risks (if any), align the results with your current business needs and build mutual vision of achieving the best results.Attention to the team helps to build loyalty, and loyalty increases engagementand productivity. PROs It might seem to be very time consuming but if to make precise look we will have:- Up to 3 hours per employee (JS+PE)- Up to 3 hours for Client (kick off, follow up, Summary and salary review)- Of course more hours from TL/PM side (PE for all employees) It's time-consuming I have enough communicationwith the team DI implies salaries automatically CONs DIP can reveal hiddenconflicts and worsen the situation I don't think it will change anything DIP Add-ons Mood Calendar Team Health Check DISK Team Value andMission Forming Performance appraisal Additional Value Gaps (if compared with DIP) Does not cover performanceappraisalBecomes a routine task for the team Having HR overview of the team will significantly reduce the time, spent on clarifying employees concerns, simplify and structure Performance appraisal and salaryreview procedure. How often would you like to have DIP in your team? How often do you have it onshore? Between the classical DI blocks (6 months) other activities could be provided, like team health checks; job satisfaction questionnaire; one-to-ones with the manager. 6 months is the optimum time to correct or match the behaviour according to the outlined expectations. Third-party expertise: that's always great to havea double check on the team's status (Client's view and retention talks). Retention consultant is a neutral figure who sharesthe employees' cultural background and helps to diminish the cultural differences DIP is a kind of roadmap/team's history-writing. The last team's snapshot is taken DIP helps to have an involved HR person who can share the best practices of the industry. We can agree that DI will be more focusedon retrospective analysis and the goals forthe coming 6 months. In exceptional cases: the employee canstep into the new role or changeseniority level over the last 6 months on the project. If the hidden problems are not revealed timely,employees can start quitting the team.Problems should be tackled accurately and in a wise way. DI is not about the immidate change.Thats more about tracking the stagesof team-development and specifyingthe areas for improvement. Attention to the team helps to build loyalty. Loyal employees are more engaged. Engagedemployees are more productive. Analyzes current rolesdistribution Defines personality tendenciesStrenthens team collaboration Hardly reflects job satisfaction Doesn't provide information on retention risks Does not cover performance appraisal Tunes team cooperationForms common teamvision and goals Helps to identify what action steps the team needs to correspond to this vision Cannot be held more thanonce per yearHardly reflects job satisfaction Helps to support and refreshteam culture Enhances team cooperationand cohesivenessEstablishes trustful environmentfor open feedback giving Skills Matrix Covers Performanceevaluation Helps to createdevelopment plans Doesn't cover Job SatisfactionDoesn't provide completepicture of retention risksRequires time and inputfrom the Client Result-orientedSmoothly leads towardssalary review Requires discipline and committment from team's sideCannot cover exceptional casesof salary review (based on market, individual reaons) I have internalonshore HR/ PM/ SMthat monitorclosely theoffshore team Retention consultant is a partner who can share and imply the overall experience throughout the otherteams in Ciklum which will help you to enhance allpeople-ware matters on the project. It's too seldom Feedback GivingSession Covers different aspects of teams' life Not time-consumingRegular Team health Check Cannot be held more thanevery 6 monthsHardly reflects job satisfaction RC can recommend some practices that might bring the team onto the next level: smart teambuilding, team coaching, team facilitation activities. DIP helps you to develop employees' succession planning and talents retention to make your team strong and productive.
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