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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DIGITAL CITIZEN What is Digital Footprint? Digital footprint is something that will keep updating in your life while you grow. How can we balance our time online andwhat are we doing bad? It will start 12 weeks before you are even born.The hospital willhave a bar code attacted to your leg or arm.It will have info of your age,height,and weight.So that in your digital footprint will alsocontain the information as well. There are also names for digital footprintas well like a passive digitalfootprint.It means that when you look up websites the website cantrack you and findout where you went and the near by location of the placeyou are in. 69 children 2-5 years old can use a mouse 25 20 25of kids under 5 can open a web on his own.20of kids under 5 can swim with no help. Schools that use the internet How can we stay safe online? Malware Malware is a software disguised as a advertisment or something that you would like to buy,when you click it, it can install virus,and spy ware into your computer. Cyber bully Cyber bully is bully online,looking at other person's private stuff and picture withoutthe person knowing, the person who didit can send the password to others andyour stuff will turn into public. Spyware Spyware is kind of like Cyber bully but when you got in you can control the users account. Danger online!! Tip for being safe online 1.think before you press2.Never share your passwordwith someone you don't know3.Try not to post any negative comment online, keep them to yourself. Responsibility How can we be Responsible Digital Citizen? 1.think before you post or share.(Facebook,Skype,Twitter)2.Talk to people almost the same age as you and don't talk to people you don't know3.never arrange face to face contact conversation with people you don't know (except friend)4.never respond to threatening messages,block him or her and tell you parent.5.don't give out personal information(home address, phone number) 85 1.Post only appropriate pictures2.never respond to people you don't know3.only share personal thought with friends you trust4.manage your time on electronics Perspectives Billy:It a way to be entertained.Jeffrey:It very useful and it a multi source.Jeffrey:It important because when kids are young they can go out of bound and do or watch inappropriate stuff which lead to addiction.Jhun:It can be entertaining.Jhun:It important because your private can go public.Enzo:It awesome and it is a multi source.Enzo:Yes,because online is like the real world you have to be safe.Henry:It can be fun and useful.Henry:Yes,giving away information is as bad as the real world. What do you think about using technology?Is being safe online even important?
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