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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 100 different People can have personalities (up to). average Is the age for the onset of DID. experience Of people Dissociative Identity Disorder 1% 6 Defenition:Dissociative Identity Disorder, commonlyknown as Multiple Personality Disorder,is one of many dissociative disorders inwhich the person's identity, memory,awareness, or perception are disrupted or otherwise altered dramatically enoughto cause said person to create another personality to deal with the sudden change.If the alteration (occuring due to traumaor abuse) continues for long enough, thecreated "escape" personality can take on a life of its own. "Alters", as they arecalled, can take on on different traits andeven create their own personal history. x Treatments Therapy Meds Amnesia, Depression, and Self-Injury Personal Functionality Depersonalization/Derealization Due to the fact that they are "out of reality"for extended periods of time, DID suffererscan experience a constant sense of disconnection from reality. R DID is best treated by continued therapy for certain amounts of time, depending on Women Men Affected Peoples (out of 10) 9 3 6 Gender 9 times more women are affected by DID then men. Different personalities can have different levelsof functionality, from high thinking to practicallydisabled. People with DID tend to suffer heavy amountsof amnesia and lost time (as they tend not toremember things from other minds) and thiscan make them prone to depression and selfharm. Dissociative Identity DisorderBy: Allison Ringler DID Depending on the patient,stimulants, depressents,anxiety, and antipsychoticmedications can help treatsymptoms. Therapy is the best and mostcommon treatment, as thisdisorder is usually brought onby trauma or abuse. So byteaching the person to let goof bad memories, therapistsare able to deconstruct theiralters. "Dissociative Identity DisorderNAMI "Dissociative Identity Disorder"Newsmax "DID: Top Drugs That Work" the person. However, failure to treat it can just cause more personalities to arise.
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