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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE DESERT AND OASES ENVIRONMENT IN THE ARABIAN PENSINULA THE DESERT THE OASES Physical Features About 75% of Arabian peninsula is desert Nafud Desert, Ar Rub' Al Khali Desert, Arabian Desert Climate The deserts are a land of extremes in the day time they temps can be well over 100 degrees and at night there can be below freezing tempsdroughts can last for even years.I Adaptions Bedouins also wear very loose fitting clothing to adapt to this harsh desert environment. This type of clothing allows their bodies to sweat and cool them off. It also can cover their bodies and faces to protect from the hot sun and from sandstorms.Bedouins make heavy use of camels to carry goods Livability Rating w/JustificationTrade Rating w/Justification Livability 2 because ,you have to live a nomadic life to live here most of the time it seems hot dry and difficult to continue but the stationary people seem to have a good life-ish.Trading 3.5 I say that because you have to cross a lot of deserts anyway and some cant be passed without ships, plus they had resting spots and oases to stop and drink and finallymonks made easy trails to both see and use for wandering and trading. Physical Features There is always a spring or watering hole insidethey are found inside the deserts3 of the Arabian oases are The Hejaz, Najd, Najran deserts. Climate Still similair to desert temps so very hot in the day and very cold at night and dry Adaptions The date palm tree is plant provides fruit, shade, wood and fronds for building homes, and wood for building fires. Living in a oases is even an adaption to liviving in a desert Livability Rating w/JustificationTrade Rating w/Justification Livability4 because has water and is very fertile, the people use date palms for many things whichis very widely used. Trading 4 because 4Many trade routes use these fresh water sources as stopping points for their caravans.
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