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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TV in 1 Greenhouse Global warming showbiz Movies Extinction of animal and vegetable species Alteration of water cycles Loss of commercial value of forests Floods, landslidesand infertility land DEFORESTATION For: Paula Andrea Martínez Claro e Ixhel Milena Ortiz Macea ABSTRACT Deforestation is an activity that contributes to the disappearance of forests. Each year 14.2 million hectares are lost because of deforestation and are planted 5.2 million, implying an annual net loss of 9.4 million hectares. Currently they have already lost half of total global forest area, being protected less than 6% of the world's forests. In Colombia, according to the annual report ondeforestation 2013 a deforested area of 120,933 hectares of natural forest was recorded. Deforestationbrings negative impacts onbiodiversity, climate (CO2 emissions), the water cycle and soil characteristics.The main actors related to these activities are farmers slash and burn farmers, commercial farmers, loggers and infrastructure planners. COLOMBIAN SITUATION Colombia recorded a deforested area of ​​ 120,933 hectares of natural forest between January and December 2013. 57% of national deforestation occurred in the Amazon region, while 22% reported in the Andean region.Overall the core of deforestation areas where most forest loss is concentrated are located in theCaquetá-Putumayo, Meta-Guaviare and shaft San José del Guaviare-Calamar. 24.7% loss nationallyconcentrated in the Department of Caquetá. 52.7%loss concentrated in just three departments: Caquetá,Meta and Antioquia ( IDEAM-MADS, 2014 ). Some departments increased their deforested areas, while others reduced (table 1)Table 1. Deforested areas in some Departments.Source : IDEAM-MADS. CAUSES Policies have focused on the total destruction without offering optimal roads for recovery.Some countries have seen on the deforestation, the perfect choice for currency exchange.Graphic 1. Amazon deforestationSource: INFOAMAZONIA. growth, use of inadequate technologiesand increase in demand of forest products.Agricultural practices and raising cattle, problemsof use and tenure of the land. IMPACTS CONCLUSION As in the rest of the world, deforestation in Colombia is an activity carried out indiscriminate and which is affected mainly by economic activities taking place in the country, including agriculture, livestock and mining. The impact generated by this activity are highly negative for ecosystems and especially to humans, because of the vulnerability of this, so it is important that the country develop forest restoration activities and create further rules to preserve primary forests, to decreasing the impact caused by human activities on forests, especially tropicals. REFERENCES IDEAM-MADS. (17 de Octubre de 2014). Recuperado el 15 de Marzo de 2015, de, F. B. (2007). El Fin del Fin. Bogotá D.C.: Panamericana formas e impresiones.
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