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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Are You A Responsible Digital Citizen? PERSPECTIVES: I would feel.... If someone had my password.... Sad Angry Upset Shocked Scared I would... Call the police Tell my parents Change my password Delete my account and get a new one Having laptops in Year 6 is... (In the Year 6 student's point of view) Awesome!-Jeffrey It's a whole lot easier! I love it! It is not good, we rely on computers too much, we have changed completely since computers have been invented!! And a year 2 student says.... I want to be in year 6 now, I feel so happy and excited! But, in the PARENT'S Point of view.... From Year 6 Students I don't like it, we should be using paper and pencils to write, but now, we are just typing it up! It is a good start to try using computers, but you need to learn how to manage your time in using the computer, and you must fully understand the purpose for using computers to complete your assignments. Citations: The ABCs of Digital Citizenship. (n.d.). Retrieved November 11, 2014, from Child Focus 'E-safety' (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2014, from Digital Footprint. (n.d.). Retrieved November 11, 2014, from Digital safety, responsibility and awareness. (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2014, from Internet safety. (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2014, from Plagiarism. (n.d.). Retrieved November 11, 2014, from Social, Smart, Secure. Tips for Staying Safe Online. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2014, from Too much too young: Children glued to TV and computer screens at increased risk of cancer and obesity. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2014, from When Internet Use Is too High. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2014, from Y. (n.d.). Cartoon about internet addiction. Retrieved November 10, 2014, from Your digital footprint. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2014, from Youth and Media - Digital Dossier. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2014, from This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Question # 1:Do you talk to strangerson the internet ? Question # 2:Did you ever tell someone your emailpassword? Question # 3:Do you face screen devices for more than two hours a day? Question # 4:Have you ever been cyber-bullied? Question # 5:Do you cite ALL of your sources? "A digital citizen refers to a person usinginformation technology (IT) in order to engage insociety, politics, and government participation." YES:Strangers online could be lying to you, you never knowhow they really are like, it is very dangerous to meet them in person or even show your face to them online withwebcams. YES:How do you know thatthe person that you toldthe password to can betrusted? Even though thatperson is your best friend, they can do something really bad to you! Don't tellanyone any of your loginnames or passwords! YES:Facing a screen for a very long time can raise your risk of getting cancer and obesity! Better not risk it!Give yourself a break every half hour. YES:If you have, tell a parent,your teacher, or an adult. It is very importantthat you let others know if someone is botheringyou, or making you feel bad, a grown-up can really help! NO:It is COMPULSORY that you cite ALL your sources.Citing your sources means that you are being responsibleonline! It means that you are giving credit to the source thatyou got your information from. -K. Mossberger Question # 6:Do you care about howyour digital footprint looks like, and how it will influenceon your future? NO:Your digital footprint is a very important thing. It can change your life! Wherever you have gone, and every click, type, and move of the mouse, thatis all going to be part of yourdigital footprint. When yougrow up, your digital footprintmay affect your future career. NO:Good Job! You are thinking carefully aboutwho you are talking to online! NO:Great! You are keeping your privacy safe! NO:You are lucky now, But you never know what will happen in the future! Be preparedfor cyber bullies! NO:Awesome! This meansthat you are giving youreyes some rest! Remember,each hour of screen time, needs 2 hours away! YES:That is great! Make it a habit, don't be an online thief! YES:That is good news! Yourdigital footprint starts whenyou were only 12 weeks old, which is the ultrasound picture of you in your mother'stummy. REMEMBER: THINK Before youTweet, Email, Chat, Post something...T: Is it TRUE?H: Is it HELPFUL?I: Is it INSPIRING?N: Is it NECESSARY?K: Is it KIND? IF......You had landed on more GREENboxes than RED, you are a responsible digital citizen! Congratulations!IF NOT......It's not too late to change!
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