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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Clean How to Clean Bamboo Outdoor Blinds Bamboo Outdoor Blinds Designed for Sydney Homes Designed for Sydney Homes B amboo outdoor blinds are becoming quite popular these days not only in Sydney, but also in other places in Australia. B Why Choose Bamboo Blinds? incredibly durable easy to maintain affordable Being an accessory that is set outside the house, outdoor blinds are much more exposed to humidity, causing mildew to grow on them easily. There are a couple of ways to remove mildew off bamboo outdoor blinds: Step 4 Dismantle the binds carefully. Pay attention to how they were installed so you would rememberwhere to put the pieces back after cleaning them. Step 1 Prepare the soaking solution in an area large enough for the blinds to be soaked into. The solution is a combination of 1 part chlorine or bleach and 2 parts warm water. Wear gloves and a rubber apron that should cover your upper and lower body for protection. Thoroughly mix the liquids before soaking DAVONNE Blinds | Shutters | Awnings Step 2 Soak the blinds entirely into the solution. Make sure that every part of each of the blinds are soaked. Leave for several minutes to allow the solution to seep into the mildew for a more effective cleaning Blinds | Shutters | Awnings Step 3 After soaking the blinds for several minutes, remove from solution. Use damp cloth to wipe the blinds, but wipe carefully yet thoroughly. The mildew stains should now come off easily. Step 6 Step 4 After thoroughly wiping off mildew stains, use dry cloth this time to wipe the blinds dry. It wouldnt hurt to leave the blinds to dry further under the sun. Step 5 Spray the blinds with an anti-fungal solution to prevent mildew from accumulating quickly. Be sure to spray the entire length of each blind For More Information Call us 02 8355 4040 Call us 02 8355 4040 DAVONNE
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