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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dams No dams vs. *resources - Dams When people build a dam on a river, it changes the water quality gets worse over time because dirt goes into it and you cant drink water out of it any more.Some of these changes are good, but others can cause problems like floods. No dams some city's or towns will not have water or power for thier houses No dams ater dams can be used as water sources that go up to the water tower and make water pressure happen. Water dams can also be used for hydroelectric 270 . Change in the environment can make a variety of new species. Species Pros and Cons of the Bonneville and Glen Canyon DamsLarge dams have forced some people to leave their land behind because the land is flooded. a lot people have had their land and houses in a very short period of time There is less farmland but closer to no farmland because if you had farmland before the/a flood you would have no farmland. Sewage water and garbage and mud will come onto your farmland and kill your crops and flood your property so you couldn't farm for a very long time. Dams turn turbines that generates power Dams hold water that can run off. The dam stores water safely in the sand the water collects behind the for months after the rain has ended. The water filters in the sand produces clean drinking water that can easily be reached. Without any dams we would not have any dams like the Hoover dam. The Hoover dam is one of the biggest dams in the world.
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