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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cynthia Ann Parker: Her Life and History Comanche Captive Forgoten Family Cynthia's Family Fast Facts Cynthia Ann Parker and her daughter Topsannah. She cut her hair short after Texans invaded the Comanche's home,and forced her husband and sons toflee. She and Topsanah were saved byher cry of, "Americanos!" that dissuadedthe Texans of harming her or her daughter.Her daughter Topsanah died of the flu, then Pecos died of smallpox in 1863. Cynthia died in 1870 of the flu. After the Texans invaded the Comanches, Cynthia was forced to return to her surviving relative,her uncle. She tried to escape manytimes, but she was always broughtback. She had forgotten all about her old family, and now thought thatwhite people were "peculiar" and "disturbing". She lived her last days in sorrow for the loss of her husbandand sons. ... ... Cynthia's Begining Life -She was kidnapped by ComancheIndians at the age of nine.-She was kidnapped with her brotherJames, and two women and a youngboy.-She adopted Comanche traditionsafter a time of being their captive.-She married Peco Nocoma, a Comanche warrior Peco Nocoma- Cynthia's husbandQuanah Parker- Cynthia's surviving sonPecos Parker- Son that died of smallpoxTopsanah Parker- Only daughter that died of the flu. Cynthia Ann's life started in 1827,when she was born in Illinois. Whenshe was five years old, her family moved to Texas, leaving her childhoodlife behind. She and her family clan, theParkers, built a fort to protect them from the Comanches surrounding them. But all to no avail. On May 9th, 1836, Indians attacked and took her and her brother to Comanche camp.
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