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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Call for Adventure Assistance Departure Status Quo The call of adventure in the movie was, Andy was going to college and he was only taking Woody. The Cycle of Heroism in Toy Story 3 In the beginning of the story, all of Andy's toys were still their, but not being played with because Andy was older now. TheEnd The assistance was when all the toys except for woody get taken to a day care by accident. The departure was when Woody went to save the other toys from the day care. The Beginning The trials in the moviewere when Woody hadto make it into the daycare to meet up and save his friends. Treasure Approach Trials The approach of the moviewas when Woody and friendswere scheming up a plan tobreak out of the day care. The crisis of Toy story 3was when Woody and his friends were at the dump and were about to be burned and die. The treasure of the storywas that when they got outthey were all together in the and and safe and sound. The result of the movie was Andy's toys prevailedand they got away fromthe Lots-O-Huggin bear. Crisis Result New Life Resolution Status Quo When Andy's toys came back from their rough journey theyhad a new life with a new ownernamed Bonnie. The result was that Woody stayed with his friends instead of goingto college with Andy. The status quo of the end was that they still had the same types of lives, but with somebody new.
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