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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Service Announcement Twitter claims to be building a safer twitter. This Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew, A Satirical, Commentary and Newsfeed Non-Commercial Blog. Fair Use Doctrine Applies Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Claims To Be Taking Personal Responsibility When Empire Avenue Leader Keith Gill trolled me on my own blog. I satirized him. He had referred to me as "Al Gore hunting Man Bear Pig." I was concerned with Mr. Gill's false advertising being run through Empire Avenue as "missions." I had purchased the leadership package myself, and this was a problem. Leaders of Empire Avenue run the marketing department,amongst other departments. Mr. Gill felt that he wa sobjective, and that I was basing my opinion on subjective criteria. I realized I was talking to an inflexible person who would not read and interpret new data that had a conclusion different than his own conclusion Wrong though he may be.Mr. Gill's article on Sales 4 Life has been edited to reflect my reporting. The article itself is work product and notes that Keith Gill is a social sales rock star for Sales 4 Life's client, Copper State Communications. Keith Gill's employer. Klout Support responded, confirming that I wascorrect. Mr. Gill then filed a DMCA takedown request with Wordpress .Wordpress Moderation rightfully defended my free speech, and refused his request.Mr. Gill then used threatening imagery on Instagram, as shown above. Instagram moderated that imagery. The reason for moderation was cyber bullying. It depicts a cannibalistic "Gareth".It is only @twitter that both moderates me, and openly allows me to be threatened.I am both a customer of, and in leadership of Empire Avenue. I was suspended by Empire Avenue for blogging about Keith Gill's false advertising. Empire Avenue "support" falsely accused me of "missionabuse" for running a mission that set the record straight.I am not surprised at Empire Avenue's response as they have a documented 3 year record of attackson customers.I am astounded at @twitter's response, as they allow me to be threatened for exercising my rights. Je Suis Charlie!
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