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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kansas CyberCrime Tuesday, June 08, 2010Soldier accused of leaking secret documents, video onlineWired's Threat Level blog has broken a big story: The military has arrested an Army intelligence analyst for allegedly passing classified information to Wikileaks, a website specializing in whistleblower-type stories. Specifically, the analyst, a 22-year-old specialist, is suspected of sending a video of a helicopter attack that killed several civilians in Iraq. Wired says the case broke open after a former hacker contactedthe military, saying the analyst had bragged about the leaks in an online discussion. Thursday, April 15, 2010School officials investigated over sextingWe've seen a lot of cases involving sexting, where teenagershave faced criminal charges for sending naked photos of eachother via email and cellphones. In Pennsylvania, school officials are being investigated by police. Parents complained that, while the school investigated their kids, the photos were shown to school officials who didn't need to see them. More Information on Computer Crime LawsCode Section 21-3755Mental State Required for Prosecution:IntentionallyMisdemeanor Computer Crimes:Criminal computer trespass and computer password disclosureare class A nonperson misdemeanorsFelony Computer Crimes:Computer crime is a severity level 8 nonperson felonyAttempt Considered a Crime? YesCivil Lawsuit Permitted? No As law enforcement officers we know that the internet is the most effective tool ever invented for sexual offenders. The children in our community are all too often the victims of cyber crime committed using electronic media such as cellular telephones and computers. Our department has investigated cases in which childrenhave been victims of sexual exploitation via the internet and text messaging (sexting).They have also been victims of harassment via text messaging and through social networking sites (cyber bullying).
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